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メーカーInstrumentarium Imaging
タイプDental X-Ray
型 番 OC100 D Cephalometric Panoramic X Ray
年 式2004
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コメントThe Instrumentarium OC100 D delivers standard panoramic x-ray capabilities, as well as advanced imaging programs such as Orthogonal, Ortho Zone, and Wide Arch. OC100 D also features programs for lateral and PA TMJ analysis while the Ortho TMJ program provides a corrected lateral condylar angle view.

Adjustable scanning times help reduce patient movement artifacts while the patented method of Automatic Facial Contour (AFC), enhances soft tissue in lateral views. Further, OC100 D's clinical correct imaging geometry allows easy determination of orthodontic reference points.

The OC100 D, featuring Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) and Automatic Spine Compensation (ASC), utilizes Instrumentarium Dental's unique and patented algorithms, automatically generating correct dental imaging values each and every time.

Images captured with Instrumentarium OP200 D can be easily integrated into almost any imaging software.
状 態Good
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