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In order to be able to procure a safe and secure deal to our customers, we thought that it was important to provide them with services that can fill their expectations or exceed them. And then we have decided the JCM Quality.
Based on this idea, we all people working at Japan central medical, will continue to our activities with the mission and ideal that we have as members of the field of the medical care.


Japan Central medical is a company that buys medical equipment from hospitals in Japan and sells them to our customers all over the world. For this reason we are doing our best to be sure that the products we sell are in good working condition.
When we buy medical equipment from a hospital we check if it’s working and cosmetics condition.Another check is done when we have an inquiry from a customer to verify if the working condition didn’t deteriorate. A last Check is done before we ship the products.
In the case of the CT, MRI, X-Ray and Laser, we are systematically calling a professional engineer to do the uninstallation. We know that by doing this we are sure to not alternate the working condition of the products. We want to be able to sell to our customer the products in the best working condition as possible.
Until now, we didn’t receive anything but compliments from our customers so we plan to continue to use these methods to provide you the best of the medical equipment from Japan.


Good customer service is something we focus on to be sure that your business with us meets or exceeds your expectations each time.
All the members of our company are trying their best to respond to any inquiry or concern of each of our customers.
Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know when we are able to obtain the medical equipment you need.
So whether you have a question, comment, or compliment,we want to hear from you.


Japan Central Medical has a long history of exporting used medical equipment around the world.
We have customers in many countries including India, Pakistan, Hong Kong,The United States, Europe and many others.
When you buy from us you can be assured that your items will be packed properly and all documentation will be prepared according to your instructions. We have very good relationships with local shipping companies/freight forwarders, and we are able to handle any type of transport that is required.


With our long history of exporting medical equipments, JCM has been able to help people from all over the world to receive advanced medical care.
What we achieved until now is our pride and we hope we will be able to help more people in the future.

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