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From Japan to the World

Welcome to the Japan Central Medical Website.

We are an industry leader in the field of used medical equipment export. We export out of Japan items such as Video Endoscopy equipment, Ultrasounds, CT scanners, MRI’s, Opthaimic Lasers or any other requested medical equipment. We have experience in shipping medical equipment to many different countries. In our business we focus on trust, reliability and flexibility.
No matter how large or complex is the item, be assure that your order will be handled properly.

Customer Service

We are ready to answer all your questions.

Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or Skype. Our multilingual staff will answer your requests in English, Japanese.


For medical equipment like CT scanner, MRI or X-ray, unistallation must be performed with utmost care.

To prevent any damage to the product during the uninstallation, we call a professional engineer to do it. This is our quality engagement to provide our customers with products in the best possible condition.